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Meet the real Jason...

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Meet the real Jason Kabler…

Jason Kabler is a Nashville, TN based musician.  He can sing.  He plays 12 string guitar.  He writes most of his own stuff and sometimes he writes really good stuff with a group of talented songwriter friends.  Jason loves to perform, and to keep his fans happy he has memorized an extensive playlist of fan favorites and cover-songs.  Classic country?  Sure.  1980’s rock?  Yep.  Bro Country?  You should really hear his song “Stereotypical”.  Rock classics? Absolutely!  Contemporary Pop?  Gotcha covered.

When Jason is not writing new songs or hanging out with his songwriting friends, his keeps busy producing music and going on tour.  He’s produced his last eight CDs and is currently working on a ninth which he hopes to release in 2022.  In 2019 he toured quite a bit and made several special appearances.  2020 looked to be a busy year – but we're not going to talk about that. 2024 marks the 25th anniversary of his first record deal. He is kicking off his 2024 "Super Way Back" Tour on March 9th in Pennsylvania! Check out his tour dates often because he’s always adding great new shows!

Jason’s fans love his good natured attitude and unique vibe.  Jason was born legally blind and says that his bad vision probably accounts for his lack of stage-fright!  He credits his mom with teaching him how to play guitar when he was younger and if you are lucky enough to catch him perform in or around his hometown of Greencastle, PA you will meet his Chief Tour Manager, his dad, Bob.

Back home Jason is a dad to two great kids, two mischievous cats and Comet, the coolest dog in the world.  Jason is pretty handy around the house and in the garden (he’s obsessed with his fruit trees – peach, apple and cherry).  He often calls his home The Songwriter Sanctuary and hosts several out-of-town musicians a year.  Summer nights are filled with campfires, s’mores and informal writer’s rounds in the backyard and he’s worked with some pretty cool folks around the kitchen table.

Here is the important stuff:

  • •  Football – He’s a Steeler’s fan. 

  • •  College Football - He supports Vanderbilt as the           home college team (suck it Tennessee). 

  • •  Favorite TV show is Ted Lasso. 

  • •  Pizza is a food group. 

  • •  He can solve a Rubic’s Cube in about 2 minutes. 

  • •  He makes amazing Chicken Noodle Soup. 

  • •  His chocolate chip cookies are to die for!

  • •  Musical Influences: His mom, Paolo Nutini, Tim Minchin, Jason Mraz, and the Barenaked Ladies (damn Canadians)

  • •  #1 fan: Me, his fiancée.

"Great Songwriter, incredible performer, and a good guy! If you haven’t seen Jason Live, You’re missing something special."

- Bob Steele, Founder, Scorpion Radio Group

Meet Jason Kabler

His boy Brodie

Daughter Julia

Keri his fiancée

To stay with the whole JETSONS theme, he even has a dog named "Comet". (Yes, I know the dogs name on the Jetsons was "Astro")

Lets not forget Cookie and Tonkz

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